Go Green Initiatives

Our natural resources are precious.  In order to help conserve them, we are committed to lowering our dependence on them.  Once on board, you will be involved in the initiatives we have in place, and those we look to implement in the future.



Commuter Benefits
We reward employees for using mass transit or carpooling on their way to work.  Bicycle racks are provided on the building campus, and locker & shower facilities are available to all employees.  Employees participated in a "bicycle to work" day event.   NCTCOG owns and operates a hybrid transportation vehicle to and from the nearest Trinity Railway Express station upon request of staff or meeting attendees.


Recycling Program
NCTCOG recycles paper, cans, plastic, and toner cartridges.  NCTCOG also recycles obsolete computer equipment, telephone equipment and other electronics through electronic waste recycling companies.


Paper Use Reduction
Several departments attempt to reduce paper by emailing meeting notices, agendas, requests for proposals and other documents to their recipients instead of mailing them.  This reduces the cost of both copying and postage.  Some printers are setup to automatically duplex prints which reduces paper consumption.


Go Green Awareness
Presentations and trainings to educate employees on how they can live a green lifestyle both in the office and at home.  Each year NCTCOG sponsors a "Texas Recycles Week",  a week-long event featuring document shredding, electronic recycling, a "green" office product show and other events. NCTCOG actively pursues the purchase and use of environmentally preferable products, office supplies and equipment.


Ozone Friendly Cleaning and Maintenance Products
Green chemicals and equipment made from recycled products in the daily practice of cleaning the offices are used. 


Building Interior Products
NCTCOG considers environmental effects in several decisions when making purchases for its interior building products such as carpet, paint, wall coverings and furniture. 

Air Quality Assessments
Air quality testing has been performed in NCTCOG facilities to ensure that there are no harmful effects in the air.


Energy Management and Conservation
There are motion detector lights throughout several NCTCOG spaces to control energy cost.  As spaces are reconstructed, lighting fixtures are retrofitted with these lights.   Areas without motion detector lights have energy efficient bulbs.  Other conservation efforts include energy saving devices on vending machines and coffee makers and several staff work by natural lighting.