Health Insurance
Group insurance coverage is provided to all full-time employees and eligible part time employees through Texas Municipal League (TML). The standard medical plan is a PPO Plan and NCTCOG pays the employee premiums for medical, dental and vision coverage for full time employees.  NCTCOG shares the cost of part time employee premiums.  Part-time 30 employees pay 10% of their premium and part-time 20 employees pay 25% of their premium.

"Healthy Initiatives"
Eligible employees can participate in the "Healthy Initiatives" wellness program provided by TML. If an employee completes requirements of this wellness program, they can receive a check for $150.

Alternative Plan
If you have health insurance provided through another source, NCTCOG offers an alternative hospitalization plan for you. The alternative plan does not pay any medical claims to a provider, but will pay $300 per day for a maximum of 30 days to you directly if you are hospitalized.

Flexible Spending Accounts
This benefit allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars, reducing your taxable income, for non-reimbursable medical or dependent care expenses. Each employee participating in the flexible spending account will receive a flex-debit card to access their FSA contributions.

Life Insurance
NCTCOG provides two times your annual salary to a maximum of $200,000 of basic life insurance coverage for all full time employees. Full Time is defined as Full Time Regular, Full Time Temporary, Part Time 30 and Part Time 20 employees.  Optional life insurance is available at group rates dependent upon your age. There are also dependent life insurance policies for spouse and dependents available for a minimal premium.

Long-Term Disability Insurance
In the event of a disability, NCTCOG provides all full time employees and regular part time employees with long-term disability insurance, which pays 60% of an employee's prior monthly earnings to a maximum benefit of $5,000 per month, after a waiting period of 90 days.

Prescription Drugs
Under the Standard Plan, you choose from no-cost generic prescriptions through the Align Network which includes most retail pharmacies such as Target, Tom Thumb and Walmart; $10 generic prescriptions through the Broad Network retailers such as CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid.  Brand name prescriptions are available at any pharmacy and cost is dependent on where it is assigned within the prescription tier structure.

Prescription Drug Mail Orders
With 90-day supply prescription drug mail orders, you may choose from generic or brand name prescriptions at low, affordable costs through Medvantx's mail order program.



Eye Examinations, Frames, & Lenses
The Vision Plan is offered through TML and provides you with an annual eye exam. There is an annual allowance for frames and lenses or you can use your benefit to obtain contact lenses.



Preventive Dental
Under the Dental Plan, there is no deductible for preventive care. You are allotted two exams per calendar year that are covered at 100% so long as the charges are reasonable & customary.

Basic and Major Dental
Basic and major dental care is subject to a low calendar year deductible of $50 and offers partial coverage of reasonable and customary charges thereafter.

Orthodontic procedures have a $50 deductible, per individual, per lifetime. Orthodontic benefits are limited to dependents under the age of nineteen. Employees and covered dependents are not eligible for orthodontic benefits until they have been covered for twelve months.