Frequently Asked Questions

I have a disability that prevents me from applying online.  What should I do?
If you are an applicant with a disability and need an accommodation in order to apply for a position with NCTCOG, please contact Human Resources by calling 817-695-9234 or by email at

I do not have an email account.  How can I submit a resume for consideration since this is a required field?
There are multiple service providers that offer email accounts at no cost. We suggest you create an account with one these free services.

When applying for a position, what is the best option for submitting my resume?
There may be some formatting changes to your resume when you are reviewing it during the submittal process.  It is recommended that you use the "upload resume" feature so that we also have a separate resume with original formatting.  

How can I attach a cover letter or other document to my resume? 
If you will be submitting a cover letter, please be sure to save the cover letter and resume as one document for using the "upload resume" feature.  

What positions are you currently recruiting for?
Please check our current openings section for a list of all positions for which we are currently looking to fill.  When a job is removed from the site, applications will no longer be accepted for that position. (current openings should link them to a list of our current openings)

How can I get more information about a job opening I am interested in?
A detailed job description is included in each job posting. We have also provided answers to commonly asked questions on this web page.  If you have additional questions about an open position, you may contact the HR staff at

How do I apply for more than one position?
We recommend that you submit a separate resume for each position you are interested in. This allows you to describe your unique qualifications for each position.

Do you have any tips for my resume?
Your application package is our first impression of you.  The quality of your resume and cover letter is a reflection of the quality of work we can expect from you as an employee.  Be sure your resume is provided in a clear format that will be easy to read and ensure that your contact information is current and complete.  We recommend that you refer to the job description as you complete your resume in order to show what skills and requirements qualify you for the position in which you are interested.

How do I know that you have received my resume?
Once your resume has been submitted, you will receive a response from our office acknowledging receipt of your resume and the estimated time frame for processing.

How long before I can expect to hear from you?
The expected time frame for processing is 2-6 weeks.  After this time period, if you have not received any follow-up, you may send a direct email to our HR department at

Will I be notified if the position is filled?
It is important to us that we contact each individual with information on the outcome of their resume submission.  All applicants can expect an email notification at various stages of the recruitment process identifying the status of your resume and/or interview. 

Who do I contact if I want to get an update on my resume submission?
If your skills prove to be a match for the position you are applying for, you will normally be contacted within 2-6 weeks from the time you apply.  However, in some cases, the recruitment process may be longer.  All other applicants will be notified at the end of the recruitment process. If you do not hear from anyone, or for any other questions you might have, you may send a direct email to our HR department at
Am I required to apply for an open position through this site?
Yes.  Applying through our career site allows us to better communicate with you and respond to your interest in a more efficient manner. 
Can I mail or fax a resume?
All expressions of interest must be submitted online.  This allows for better communication with applicants and facilitates an effective recruitment process. However, if you are an applicant with a disability and need an accommodation in order to apply for a position with NCTCOG, please contact Human Resources by calling 817-695-9234 or by email at

Can I submit my resume for consideration of a future position?

Resumes are only accepted for positions we currently have open.  We are unable to accept resumes for future positions at this time.  We recommend that you create a job agent by clicking on the "Career Opportunities" tab on our career page. This will allow the system to email you when a job becomes available that matches your skill set.


How do I apply for a position if I am a current employee of the North Central Council of Governments?
To ensure timely response to your resume, it is required that you apply for an open position through our career site. From time to time internal opportunities are opened to the agency or department only.  Commuication will be sent directly to the agency or department with instructions on how to apply.
Who do I contact if I am having issues submitting my resume on this site?
If you encounter difficulties submitting a resume or have any other questions regarding our application process, please email us at