What Our Employees Are Saying

"I have been with the North Central Texas Council of Governments for more than 33 years and I am proud to be a part to the agency. I came to work here because of the recommendation of a friend. I have stayed here because I love it-I'm glad I did - it's like a second family here. I like working here because of our mission and values, NCTCOG respects both individual excellence and dedicated teamwork, our agency is comprised of genuinely honest, caring, and hard-working staff. I feel I have so much to offer and the company has offered me much in return. I appreciate the opportunities presented to me throughout the past years and look forward to many more."

-Alice Webster (Information Center Assistant - over 30 years of service)

"As the Graphic Design Coordinator for NCTCOG, I am responsible for a job from the original concept - to layout and design - to the printing and delivery.  It is great to have ownership of your work through the entire creative process. Jobs at many design agencies don't allow this to happen."

-Kristy Keener (Graphic Design Coordinator - over 30 years of service)

"I like working here; I enjoy being able to use my varied skills and life experiences and apply them to regional issues. I really like the flexible work schedule too."

-Scott Miller (Technology Coordinator - over 10 years of service)

"I started to work for NCTCOG because I thought it offered a unique way to serve others by serving their local governments. I have enjoyed the work more than I could ever have expected and continue to learn new things every day. Our imaginative programs and cutting edge technology are second to none; they help make us a national leader in regional planning. But it's the people at NCTCOG that are its biggest asset: all of us demonstrating commitment to assist our members do the best job they can serving their constituents."

-Jack Tidwell (Manager of Environment and Development - over 20 years of service)