Our Values

We believe regionalism is the cornerstone of our existence, and that our unique regional perspective provides us the vantage point to address issues that extend beyond traditional boundaries. It is our goal to be the catalyst for building consensus from diverse viewpoints and maximizing regional unity.

We feel
that policy decisions are best made by the level of government closest to the people. Therefore, we directly involve local governments in our decision-making process, which is made up of an executive board of local elected officials with support from numerous study, technical, and policy committees.

We seek
to provide high quality service to our members. Our charge is to work with our local governments and other service providers to identify the most useful and beneficial plans, services, and products to satisfy their needs, and, then, to provide them in a courteous and timely manner.

We value our employees and respect both individual excellence and dedicated teamwork. We support the principles of professional development, fair and consistent personnel practices, and competitive compensation.

We maintain the highest standards of professional integrity in providing competent, technically sound products and services. Honesty and impartiality are minimum standards for all our dealings with our members, the general public, other agencies, and each other.

We recognize that our members are best served by our ability to anticipate the consequences of dynamic change. We, therefore, will help local governments find innovative solutions to both existing and future challenges facing North Central Texas.